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ICard Solutions envisions innovation, cutting edge technology, providing secure, monitored access, movement solutions and logistics of all resources. ICard Solutions will drive innovation, create solutions that create an environment where both people and goods move with utmost ease at the same time. ICard Solutions envisions using technology, hardware and software to drive cutting edge solutions and at the same time to bring down cost and to increase efficiencies. Our primary aim is to aid you in carrying out your business hassle free and in a secure, monitored environment.


To be the first choice of all customers, end users and system integrators alike, for all solutions and products with regards to access control and monitoring movement. To be the leader in Products & Solutions for Access Control, Time Attendance, Card Printers and CCTV Surveillance equipment. To provide the best in class Solutions, best after sales service and support, creating customer delight.


Integrity & Accountability:
Integrity is a cornerstone from which everything is borne forward. ICard Solutions stays accountable to all its stakeholders at all times and operates with the highest levels of integrity. In equal measure to Employees, Customers and Partners while delivering world class solutions.

Customer Focus:
At the centre of ICard Solutions’s business philosophy is the customer. Every product, every component, every accessory, every solution that is designed has only one purpose - to empower the customer. ICard Solutions strives to service a requirement most efficiently, at the best possible cost.

Passion for Excellence:
At ICard Solutions the one element that connects each and everyone in the team is the passion to excel. This one trait drives ICard Solutions to achieve perfection and deliver world class products and service to each and every client, every time - making ICard solutions highly efficient.

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